The products we use.

We use only non toxic  products.

We use only non toxic allergy free products. Yes, in that sense of the word. These products  are perfume free! The water is warm, just like in your home! The shampoos,  conditioners are all high quality and Mobile Pet Spa are all animal lovers! Our mobile pet grooming service use only natural allergy free products with no heavy fragrances or odors. We do not use muzzles unless it is absolutely necessary. Mobile Pet Spa use a high quality products from known and trusted sources . Here they are: We carry Kelco Shampoos, Kelco Conditioners, Groomer’s Edge Shampoos by Double K, Nature’s Choice Shampoos. Others:Nature’s Choice Conditioners, Bark2Basics Shampoos, Bark2Basics Conditioner, DoubleK Dryers, Coat Handler Shampoos and Coat Handler Conditioners along with many other professional dog grooming products : scissors, brushes, nail clippers

Only the finest aromatherapy shampoos, conditioners and essential oils.  All of our mobile dog grooming products are cruelty free.  Loving hearts set us apart.

                                                                                   The tools we use.

These tools are all professional tools. Brushes with plastic or iron heads, all natural professional ear wash, that in most cases helps your pet ear to recover from infections, get rid of an unpleasant odor, which improves an overall condition of your dog or a cat. After all, it is a much cheaper and less time consuming alternative, instead of taking your pet to a storefront groomer, seat all day in a cage, having stress. This is especially true for cats as they are a solitary animals and not very social. A nervous pet is easy to get sick again. You can always rely on our pet grooming products. We make sure it is what you want and we will not let our clients down.

50:1 high concentrate: saves money!

Soap,  detergent free, great for young animals and newborns

Gently and efficiently removes odors, dirt, and grease for a pristine clean without aggravating sensitive skin. Leaves clean scent.

Soothes and treats skin: Contains aloe Vera,   food grade colloidal oatmeal, which treats hot spots, sores, bites, and dry itchy skin naturally.

Natural, pH balanced and biodegradable. Made in USA.