Your local groomer search and review.

Before we even start to talk about the search for  your local groomer, let review the basics.

Lets concentrate on the search later, but first …

Its a long known fact that dog is man’s best friend. But to make that dog  your best friend is your responsibility.

For example a puppy , even if in just six months he grows to be a big dog , depending on the breed of course, is still a puppy. And he will be a puppy the whole  first year of his or her life.

Your dog is not your toy, no matter how many time you think that way, or hope that way.

And you just simply cannot forget or abandon it like that toy, that you played with for the whole week last time you were a kid. And the whole life your dog needs care and attention. Just like your child.

And just like your child you need to take care of your dog everyday!

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

 That’s correct  – your local groomer !

Grooming your dog is very important. You can quickly get on Google and type your query: local groomer, and so many results will come up, depending on the area you live. For your convenience there might be  a mobile pet groomer , that just might happen to groom your neighbor’s dog or you found them online. Those with truly five star rating are your best bet.

Because your pet cannot speak to you about his/her experiences you must be able to trust that groomer completely, in addition to have the best shampoos and conditioners, warm water, and the experience to deal with dogs and cats.

For some it seems to be easy, but in reality it consists of  all kinds of tricks and whistles to have your dog behave properly while at the groomer, so the pet is not injured or god forbid escapes.

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But lets return to basics. The first year of your dog’s life is the best. Some things are easy to adapt to, some are not.

The dogs want to chew, but the puppies want to chew on everything: your shoes, your furniture ( oh my God). Their teeth are just coming out and the puppy needs an object to chew on! That old toy of yours or the stick is that object. Make sure its large enough , so the dog does not accidentally chokes on it. Dogs, and puppies in particular are very curious by nature and they need a watchful eye. Plays and walks are always welcomed for them. Dogs love to eat, but, you eat first and the dog watches, that is because dogs and wolves are related and wolves have a leader of their pack, so everyone watches and waits for their leader. Same with your dog. When you eat first the dog recognizes a leader in you, You are that leader, and the dog will always obey your commands.

 A few things about grooming your pet  with your a groomer near you.

It is not only healthy for the dog, but for you also. The local groomer might find that tick that bothered your dog for the past week, or he can discover a tumor and advise you on a vet visit. So choose your groomer wisely and be able to trust him / her with your pet, and I can guarantee you, that things in your life will be much easier, less smellier ( of course) and cleaner.


Til then.

Be well,

Always yours,

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