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A dog found frozen solid

A dog found frozen solid on an Toledo Ohio home’s porch as a bitter cold snap grips much of the United States. Toledo Humane Society cruelty investigator Megan Brown tells The Blade newspaper she doesn’t know how long the dog was outside Thursday, when Toledo’s high temperature was expected to be in the teens. A second dog was recovered shivering inside the home. The dogs’ owner says utilities had been shut off but he had been providing for the dogs while living elsewhere.

He says he doesn’t know how one dog got outside Here is the result,  the dog found frozen.The newspaper reports the Humane Society may pursue animal cruelty charges in Toledo Municipal Court.  Forecasters warn of hypothermia and frostbite  from arctic air settling in over the central U.S. and spreading east.

The temperature at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire on Thursday was minus 34 degrees F (minus 37 Celsius), breaking a 1933 record of minus 31 degrees atop the Northeast’s highest peak. Of course it is a contributing factor, but the temperature is not at fault.  The negligence of the dog owner is.


How is it possible for the dog  found to be frozen?

You would ask. It been told many times that you should not leave your animals outside during cold winters or hot summers. never ever! No one listens, nor paying any attention! Imagine  you accidentally stuck in traffic on a way home, or some freak accident happens to you, whats then? Your pet will be left to die from hunger or lack of water supply? Or in this case a horrible tragedy! Yes, we are busy with our everyday lives, we are overthinking, tired, and forgetful. But, we do have a responsibility to care for our furry friends during hardships and distress. Yes we  do, and when we forget it any of us can come home where  your dog found  to be  solid frozen.



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