Great tips for difficult dogs

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Your Dog is not difficult.

Hey, your dog is not difficult, believe it or not…it’s You!
     Have you ever wondered what’s missing between you and your little friend?
Your dog is your baby. But it’s very important to remember the instinctual aspects of your relationship with your pet. Animals follow certain energy. That is what your dog will respond to. That’s right energy, energy is the key to everything between you and your four legged partner.
     The philosophy if you want to heal or repair something you need to go back to the basics, same for the animals. To reconnect. Remember Steve Jobs said he wants to change the world? That’s right and you want to reconnect is the world in this case is your puppy . So when you talk to your dog of course it’s a good thing to have a conversation is your dog and it brings you satisfaction to you, the owner. But it’s not a good idea to be emotional when your pet gets emotional two also, like for example if your pet starts to make noises with his voice and you start to mimic those noises, it’s absolutely not A good idea. That only makes the dog to remain in that state of mind.

 So your dog becomes confused or difficult?

Before you even go to the whole thing off loving your dog you have to have a love for the species of the critter that you have. And the banning the aggressive breed does not solve the problem at all, that is in case you have a aggressive breed.

In the 70s it was a Dauberman,  that people were frayed off and now it’s a pitbull. What does it say to you? One thing, that society has not changed its fears. You have to show the pet that you are a leader believe it or not that is what the instinct is all about. Dogs does not understand that you are rude to him or anything like that, unless you  start to hurt him, The dog needs to see a leader,  leader of the pack, that he must respect and give her space to. This is how you can change your little friend’s manners and bad behavior.  Don’t scream, don’t yell, but be a leader,  and you will see very soon that thing changed. That’s a guarantee.

What’s your story?

As always be safe and enjoy your pet, and leave your comments, questions, etc!


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